• Time - 1,440 Minutes A Day
    Motivation,  Time Management

    Time – 1,440 Minutes A Day

    There are 1,440 minutes in a day. That is all you have, no more and no less. Time is very valuable and limited. This is why you should be very selective with the activities and responsibilities that you take on daily. You cannot be everything to everyone. If you try, you will only be disappointed. You will disappoint yourself and the everyone else involved. You need to be careful with what you commit yourself to. With proper consideration and planning you can make the most of everyday. You need to prioritize your time. This is a good rule to follow: family, career, personal time, socializing. Your first priority should always…

  • Making Effective Decisions Fast

    Making Effective Decisions Fast

    Learning to make fast decisions can be a difficult task, but with practice it certainly can be done. Although making decisions too quickly can backfire, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from your mistakes and still make future decisions fast and effectively. Study Past Decisions You can easily discover why you made certain decisions in the past by reflecting on your decision making process. Of course, decisions will vary from person to person, and that’s okay! Perhaps you have challenges with decisions because you keep changing your mind. In thinking through the various possibilities, you just get stuck. Once you finally choose something, you question the validity of your…