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The purpose of this website is provide positive and motivation articles and information to help the community and its readers to grow and be inspired to reach their full potential. Life can be hard at times and there are obstacles placed on the way to success. By reading the articles here, I hope that it […]

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Dog Attack – Someone Was Looking Over Me

I have been visiting my brother in San Diego the past 10 days. I have been taking my daily walk in the morning. Last Wednesday while I was walking, I was messaging my daughter. While I was on my Samsung Galaxy, I was not really paying attention to my surroundings. All of a sudden I […]

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How To Deliver A Sincere Apology

Sometimes we hurt others and we want to make it right. You can be the better person and apologize. This can be uncomfortable and awkward for most people. This shows that you value the other person and want to make sure that there are no hard feelings. You may feel like it was not your […]

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Time - 1,440 Minutes A Day

Time – 1,440 Minutes A Day

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. That is all you have, no more and no less. Time is very valuable and limited. This is why you should be very selective with the activities and responsibilities that you take on daily. You cannot be everything to everyone. If you try, you will only be disappointed. […]

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What Causes Boredom And What You Can Do About It

You get bored when you can no longer have pleasure. This stems from always searching for pleasure. A way to overcome boredom is to have gratitude for everything you have in your life. Many overlook and take for granted all the things they really have in their life. What may seem small to you may […]

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